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HARIO V60 Brew Kit

HARIO V60 Brew Kit

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Brew like a true coffee pro with this HARIO V60 Brew Kit! This complete set includes the iconic V60 brewer, filter papers, and plenty of love for the coffee-lovers out there. Make a brew with professional results every time!

Set includes:

  • 1 x V60 (white)*
  • 40 filters

V60 Coffee Maker 

The V60 brewer must be one of the most popular methods for brewing coffee. The 60 degrees angle and large hole just brews delicious coffee.

Hario from Japan, is probably the most amazing V60 brewer. We have chosen a V60 of size 2 in a white plastic. Plastic, because, this brews really nice as the heat is kept well within the brew and it makes it easy to transport.

*Colour may vary, photos are for illustration purposes only.

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Can I choose grounds or beans?

Yes! Just choose from Roasted Beans, Espresso/Moka Pot Grounds, Filter/Aeropress Grounds or Cafetiere Grounds before you add to your cart.

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